1. Select photos

Easily choose the photos you want a particular person to see, or choose an album you've previously created.

It looks like a native app rather than something sketchy.

2. Handover your phone

Hand your phone to friends, parents, bosses, teachers, cab drivers, whoever.

Let them scroll away.

3. Don't hover, don't worry

The photos are in a lockbox so the viewer won't see anything except the photos you selected for them.

You can exit with a passcode and save those photos as an album to show again later. 






You don't want your boss to see the pictures of your beach vacation, just like you don't want your Mom to see the pictures of your keg party.


Sometimes we hand our phones over to our friends, family and co-workers to look at our pictures. Sometimes they flip too far and see pictures we didn't want them to see. Sometimes it makes things awkward.


We make it easy to set which pictures on your phone people can see and, more importantly, not see. On the fly


Let's replace that built-in Photos app with something better.