We created ShowStopper because, quite frankly, we needed it.

We aren't sketchy folks with tons of creepy pics on our phone, but we were tired of having to hover over our phone in fear whenever we handed it to someone.  

We didn't want our boss to see pictures of us at the beach when we needed to show him the pictures of the great fabrics we found.  We didn't want our parents to see the photos of us drunk on the beach at 3AM when we showed them photos from our trip.  We didn't want anyone seeing the selfie we sent our sister to show her the new haircut.

We also knew every situation was different, and we'd never know which photos we'd need to show or not show.  So we made the priority easily and quickly selecting the photos on the fly rather than needing to have pre-set albums.  Whether it's one photo or a whole bunch, you can easily decide which photos you want that specific person to see.  And if you think you might need that set of photos again, you can save it as an album for easier access next time.

Lastly, we didn't want some creepy photo vault on our app that is meant for dudes cheating on their wives. (Turns out there are a lot of those already.)  So we made it simple and clean, not flashy or different.  So whether you use IOS or Android, ShowStopper will look like your built-in photos app, so you don't have to worry about some glancing over as you select the photos and wondering why you're in a different app.

Also, we don't store any of the photos remotely, so you don't have to worry about anyone hacking our system.  Everything just stays on your phone.

We built it for ourselves, but we're hoping you'll see how useful it is too.

Happy sharing!